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World Court Essay, Research Paper

World Court

The World Court has developed as an arena where states can solve legal disagreements between each other. The development of international law gave need to such a venue and therefore the United Nations facilitated to this need by creating the World Court. The World Court hears grievances between states only; no outside parties may be represented within this justice system, such as individuals or corporations. The World Court has created many advantages for states participating but is not perfect and still contains many significant disadvantages.

The main purpose of the World Court is to solve grievances of lower importance between countries that are often on friendly terms with each other. This is because countries are willing to relinquish their own power to the courts when national interest are not being compromised and friendly relations between the two countries is more important then the case at hand. The only way the Courts can be a success is if both participating states agree to follow the ruling that the Courts decide upon.

The main disadvantages of the World Court are that not all states have signed the treaty that allows the Courts jurisdiction in certain cases. Also, there has not been an agreement on how the World Court will actually enforce the rulings that it decides upon. Since the UN has limited military capabilities the only way in which to enforce a ruling is if an outside states takes it upon him self to take action. Plus if a state does not agree with the suet being brought against it the state can just withdraw from the treaty and refuse to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the Courts. With all of these factors taking affect it is easy to understand why the World Courts primarily overseas secondary suet s with each side agreeing to abide by the out come before hand.

The World Court has facilitated a much-needed venue for states to absolve their grievances against each other. Even though it primarily rules on secondary suet s it is still a great help to states participating. With this in mind, the World Court has great potential to becoming a true International Court of Justice but not until the UN gains more power and all of the states agree to abide by the rulings of the Court.